Our Story

In 1992 Bonnie arrived to her University music class 10 minutes early where Curtis had been using the vacant recital hall to practice.  A spontaneous introduction in the middle of an interrupted rehearsal, and they have been singing and playing music together ever since. 

Three years later, a group of friends from Minneapolis, funded and arranged a solo-recording project for Curtis entitled Living Waters. Bonnie was invited to contribute as songwriter and vocalist.  This was a God-directed experience that would launch these two on a life-long journey together. 

Curtis and Bonnie both graduated from Brandon University in 1996, were engaged during their graduation party, and got married later on that year.  After teaching for two years, they sensed God directing them to devote their lives to sharing the Love of Jesus through their music.  In November, 1998 they set out on their first music tour in a station wagon loaded with sound equipment, luggage, their baby daughter Heidi, and Bonnie’s sister as nanny.  They would travel 2300 miles across Canada to reach their first concert destination in Nova Scotia.  This first tour made a positive impact on the couple, and since then their love for the people of the Maritime Provinces has taken them back every 2-3 years.  To date, they have done 9 extensive maritime tours. 

The family received a huge confirmation of God’s Call upon their lives in 2003 when a motorhome was donated to Curtis and Bonnie in order to make music and ministry with a growing young family possible.  The couple was expecting their fourth child at the time.  Today eight precious children take a major role in concert and on their seven recordings.  Each child has been welcomed to the family (and on stage) with joy and excitement.  Heidi plays cello and violin; Meka plays bass guitar, violin; Alonzo plays guitar; Peter plays drums and percussion, Sunny, Amy, Davidson, and Isaac play ukeleles, Amy plays violin, and all the children contribute with singing. 

Their music is renowned for its diversity – as they love to write in various styles – such as Celtic, Blues, Jazz, Children’s, and Contemporary.  Their adult children have also started to write, and their music dominates the latest CD, "Fully - Completely" released in 2019.  The four oldest - Heidi, Meka, Alonzo and Peter - have also begun a Youth Worship Band.  They call themselves Outset.  Their passion is to draw the youth of this nation to the heart of God through worship.  They believe that worship and praise will change the spiritual atmosphere of our Nation and set the stage for revival. 

Since the beginning, Curtis and Bonnie have incorporated an element for children into every concert, so that there is something for the whole family.  This has led to invitations to minister to children in a variety of settings.  Today, at least half of their music and ministry appearances throughout the year are directly to children, at summer camps, vacation Bible school programs, or children’s concerts.  This has been an amazing fit for this family who ministers together.

Psalm 8 begins with the words, 
    “Oh Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Your Name in all the earth.  You have set Your glory above the heavens.  From the lips of children and infants You have ordained praise, because of Your enemies to silence the foe and the avenger.” 

God is so big, yet He has such a high regard for the praises of children and infants.  For this reason Curtis and Bonnie love to include their whole family, regardless of age, in praises to the Lord God while ministering to people all across this great nation.

Living Waters

Curtis & Bonnie and Family

Living Waters is Curtis Szakacs' first album. It was originally released in 1995, with Bonnie Thiessen (now Bonnie Szakacs) featured as background vocalist.

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