Everyone loves to spend time with Heidi.  Her sweet disposition and fun sense of humour brings joy every day. She enjoys sewing, baking, horses, reading and writing. Heidi plays violin, piano, and cello. 


Adventurous and super-fun.  Her laugh is contagious.  She loves horses, writing, adventures, reading, and entertaining her youngest brother and sisters.  She plays violin, piano, bass guitar, percussion, and ukulele.  She also loves composing music and lyrics.


This guy is practical, reliable, and efficient.  He is always willing to tell a story to his younger siblings or go for an ice-cream run with his older sisters. Alonzo is passionate for truth and justice. He plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and piano.


Solid like a rock, Pete is an excellent friend for his older siblings and an amazing companion to his younger brothers and sisters.  He enjoys problem-solving, wood-working, puzzles, and listening to music. He plays bongos, cajon, piano, and violin.


Like her name implies, Sunny shines wherever she goes. She is so enthusiastic about life. She enjoys reading, drawing, writing, and snuggling with her cat. Sunny plays the piano and ukelele.


Full of sparkle and fun, Amy is always coming up with great ways to spend time with her brothers and sisters. She bakes amazing bread and sews original gifts for her family. Amy plays ukulele and violin.


Davidson, more often called Davie, is a true joy to be with.  He enjoys building forts, making things with wood, and playing games (careful, he almost always wins!)  Davie absolutely adores all of his brothers and sisters. He is learning to play violin, and ukelele.


With a great sense of humour and endearing smile, Isaac is always winning hearts. He likes to figure out how things work and asks oodles of questions. He enjoys creating marble tracks out of just about anything. Isaac is learning to play ukulele and percussion.