Reflecting Back On 2019

This past year was one of the busiest and most fulfilling seasons of ministry that we have ever had.  In total we did over 140 concerts and ministry sessions. 

In June we returned to Northern Christian Recording to track a 6-song CD in eight days.  Our family was able to do all of the instrumentation, and all of the songs were originals - written by members of our family.  This undertaking was a huge milestone for our family.   The completed CD is entitled  Fully & Completely and will soon be available for upload on 

Physical copies of the CD are available from 

July and August were filled with children's ministry and music ministry opportunities, at several Bible Camps, VBS programs, and Music Festivals.  It took a considerable amount of juggling to coordinate the schedules of our children with the busyness of our summer ministry schedule. 

In September - October, our entire family loaded into the motorhome and we began our trek to the east coast for our ninth maritime music tour.  The tour was not without its surprises.  Two weeks before the end of tour, our motorhome engine bent a push rod, and within a couple of hours, friends loaned us their SUV in order that we could continue with our ministry commitments.  Early the next morning we loaded whatever sound gear, instruments and luggage we could into the SUV, and said goodbye to Bonnie and the four youngest who stayed with friends in the Fredericton area.  Over the next three days, we did four concerts on the south shore of Nova Scotia, without Bonnie and younger half of the family.  A couple in Fredericton heard of our situation and rented a minivan for Bonnie and the kids so we could all be reunited for the last 10 days of our tour.  We were so amazed at the faithfulness of our heavenly Father, how he provided for our needs.  Through all of these surprise setbacks, we are so thankful we didn't need to cancel any ministry commitments.  In fact, we even were able to add a couple more. 

We are especially thankful that there was no extensive damage to the newly rebuilt engine and only the bent push rod needed replacement. 

Christmas, as always, was full of Christmas banquets and concerts.  We were so amazed how God renewed our strength and sustained the health of each member of our family throughout this busy season.

Fully + Completely

Curtis & Bonnie and Family